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Printing at EMCC: Start Here

Instructions for printing and copying.


EMCC now uses managed printing software. This means that Students must purchase Papercut Printing Cards at the EMCC Campus Bookstore in $5, $10, and $20 dollar amounts. Students will then need to load them onto their account before they can print.

If you need help on how to print, contact a librarian.  We'll be happy to help :)

Loading Money onto Your Account

  • Go to
    • if you are using a campus computer, go to step 3
  • Put in your EMCC login credentials (i.e. what you use to login to Canvas or Leo)
  • Select "Redeem Card" on left side of screen
  • Put in the loooooong number on the voucher.  You must put in dashes and all

Congratulations! You have successfully loaded money onto your account.


* If you are not sure if the money loaded onto your account, click on summary.  That will let you know if you have any money on your account.

Web Printing

Downloadable Instructions