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General Library Information: Start Here

General Library Information

We Are Here to Help

The EMCC Libraries are doing the best we can to support your learning and entertainment safely.  Please continue to make use of our online resources whenever you can.  We welcome in-person visitors when the campus is open to the public.  Our current hours are on the main library page.  If you choose to come in, there are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Food and drink is discouraged, and everyone will be held responsible for their own messes.
  • People wishing to work in groups should request the use of a study room and clean up after themselves.
  • Do not re-arrange furniture or use computers that have been marked or moved to reinforce social distancing.
  • You are responsible for cleaning your keyboard, mouse, and work area before and after using a computer.  See a library staff person for cleansing wipes, etc.
  • Headphones or earbuds must be used to hear anything on the library's computers.  You may buy a pair of earbuds at the desk for $1.00 if you do not have your own.
  • In the event that EMCC must close campuses again the Library's Online Resources and the campus WiFi System will remain operational.  People will be able to access the internet from parking lots on campus and at public libraries across the state.

Get Some Help

Scooba Library   662-476-5055 

Maggie Morgan

Lillie Thornton

Antranika Ruffin

Golden Triangle Library   662-243-1914

Lisa Justis

Rosemary Rice

Dustin White

Help Me find My Password!

Oh Snap! You forgot your password.  Now What!?

Don't worry, here is what you do:
  1. Click here
  2. You will then have to choose between
  3. Image of "change my password" boximage of "reset password" box

  4. Then follow the instructions and you'll get a new password!

* If there are any problems, contact EMCC's IT Student Support at 662.243.1939 or


How to Access an Online Database from Anywhere

Go to the EMCC Homepage, hover the mouse of Student Services, and go down until you see Library.


  1. Select the blue A-Z Online Resources Link.

  3. Next, choose the database you want to use.  For this example I used Academic Search Premier.

  5. Then you will be directed to a Login screen.  Here you put in your login and password (what you use to login to your LEO account). YOUR ID# IS NOT YOUR PASSWORD.

  7. Now you are at the search screen.  Put in your search terms and click search.  I do recommend that you select "Full Text" on either this screen, or the next one.  While databases have a lot of information, some of their documents are in abstract or review form.  By selecting "Full Text" you are accessing material that you have complete access to.

  9. If you did not select "Full Text" on the previous screen, you can select it here.