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Moving Online Help For Students: Writing Center Help

How to get help

Welcome back to classes, everybody!

We at the Writing Center know that this transition to online classes is a challenge, but please understand that we are still here to support you with your writing assignments.


Since we cannot be on campus, we have developed a few options that allow you to meet with our consultants. As always, our services are absolutely free. You simply need a computer with internet capability.


Here are the steps you will want to take to make an appointment and choose which service best meets your needs.


#1. Visit If you have never used our services before, please make an account USING YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL. This takes just a few seconds. Choose the time and day you would like to receive feedback.


#2. Decide which service you want. Your options will appear on the home screen at The preferred methods involve having real-time meetings with your tutor at your chosen time.

  • Virtual face-to-face meetings (2 methods)
  1. If you would like a Zoom session, you will need to download Zoom onto your laptop. This is a free app, and you can decide whether or not you want to set up an account. Many classes are using Zoom, so it might be best to utilize this option when you can.
    Zoom allows tutors and you to look at your paper or outline or notes and talk live to each other. If you prefer this method, click the Zoom Video Meeting option on the home page and follow the directions that follow.
  2. Similarly, Setmore (the site you visit to make an appointment) has just begun offering live chat services that allow you to share your screen with a tutor in real time. If you prefer this method, click the Video Chat option on the home page and follow the directions.
  • Submitting your WORD document for review (2 methods depending on your version of WORD)
  1. If you are using the online version of WORD through Microsoft 365, you will simply use the “share” button at the top right corner of your WORD document to send a link of your document to your tutor via email. You will still need to make an appointment using Setmore, and the option to send your assignment via email is also on the homepage. Choose this option and follow the directions.
  2. If you are using traditional WORD (not an online verision), you will also make an appointment using Setmore and attach your document to the email address you will find at the homepage.

*When using the asynchronous version (the non-live version), you will receive your feedback within a couple of hours of the appointment time you created. When you receive your essays back from the tutors, there will be feedback and comments on your actual document.


The Writing Center is offering our same days of service, our same times, and our same wonderful consultants Ms. Berry (on M/W) and Ms. Sanders (on T/Th).


Hours of Operation:  Monday -Thursday, 8:00 AM-3:00 PM.


            Remember that the Writing Center can help you with ANY writing assignment, not just English papers.


Most importantly, please know that you are supported. This situation is challenging for us all. Let us help you make the most of this semester! We are in this together.


Even if you’ve never visited our writing center on campus, we want to see you (on our screens) really soon! Please send questions or concerns to


Write Here. Write Now


Information from  

Ginny L. Leonard 

English Instructor | Writing Center Director

East Mississippi Community College